Congressman's Attack On McCain Will Make McCain Bring Up Jeremiah Wright

Congressman's Attack On McCain Will Make McCain Bring Up Jeremiah Wright

We've seen this before from the McCain campaign, its Maverick-y process of rationalization. When Obama didn't agree to McCain's call for a series of 80 town halls, the McCain campaign used this as a justification to make nasty shit up about Obama, such as "Obama wants to teach your kindergartners how to bang each other." When the Obama campaign made fun of McCain's ~7 houses, the McCain campaign considered this an insult to Cindy McCain -- wives are off-limits! -- and responded with its first ad about, uh, Tony Rezko. And now we come to the present situation, in which the McCain campaign is using a random Congressman's weekend rant to justify its upcoming usage of Jeremiah Wright.

McCain idiot campaign manager Rick Davis said today that old Congressman John Lewis' SMEAR JOB on McCain, relating him to George Wallace and what not, is Obama's fault and now bringing up Jeremiah Wright is "in bounds." Tomorrow we can expect Barack Obama to high-five a kid or something, which the McCain campaign will somehow consider a filthy bestial rape joke about McCain's mother, Roberta -- out of bounds! -- leading them to produce a series of ads documenting Obama's previously sexual relationship with Lucifer, the hell angel.

Rick Davis: Campaign Rethinking Playing The Rev. Wright Card [HuffPo]


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