Congressschmuck Steve King Doesn't Understand Why American Jews Are So Anti-Semitic

Congressschmuck Steve King Doesn't Understand Why American Jews Are So Anti-Semitic

Iowa Rep. Steve King is an actual member of Congress, as well as a terrible person on every single issue, from Messicans to homomessicans to light bulbs to dogfighting. In a radio interview on Friday, Steve King demonstrated the depth and breadth of his terribleness by being a terrible person about The Jews, in whom he is Very Disappointed for being such bad The Jews, which is a thing The Jews never EVER tire of hearing, no really, please do go on some more about how The Jews have let down you non-The Jews.

King tsk-tsked The Jews for not universally supporting the campaign stop of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the halls of the United States Congress, at the invitation of Republicans who all of a sudden care oh so deeply about The Jews, which we will remind them of in December, when they start whining about how America is a Christian nation, so Merry freakin' Christmas right in your face OR ELSE! (Yes, that includes Steve King, who believes "this is a Christian nation." And no, The Jews never tire of hearing that either.)

"Here is what I don’t understand," King said on the radio, and instead of following it with the words "any damn thing at all," he got good and specific. "I don’t understand how Jews in America can be Democrats first and Jewish second and support Israel along the line of just following their president."

Have we been over this and over this already? Yes we have. American Jews are overwhelmingly liberal. And Democrats. They are, in fact, one of the most liberal and Democratic voting blocs in this country. And no, it's not just to piss off conservatives like Steve King, though that is certainly a nice perk. It is because, to quote ourselves again:

American Jews are also super into social justice-y things like gay rights and labor rights and reproductive rights and decriminalizing pot and lady rabbis. Hell, the majority of Jews don’t even consider policy toward Israel a major factor in their voting decisions.

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In other words, American Jews are Steve King's worst nightmare. And if Steve King actually knew anything at all about Israel -- a country that has socialized health care and taxpayer-funded abortions and does not give a crap about Xmas, AHEM -- he probably wouldn't be running his foul-stenched facehole off about things he obviously does not understand and is too goddamned lazy to Google. But Steve King is Steve King, so he's never let not knowing what the hell he's talking about get in his way. Like, for example, explaining why an insufficient number of Americans, including and especially the Jew kind, support "Israel," by which he means the Republican agenda to try to make President Obama look bad:

“I see it growing. I’m amazed to see this happen. It’s a phenomenon that I did not expect to see in post-World War II, the revulsion of what I saw. But anti-Semitism is a component of this and just plain liberalism is another component. I mean the president wants the world to be, he thinks somehow he can force the world can be the world he myopically believes it is. You have to be a realist.”

Well, thank you ever so kindly, Rep. King, for explaining to American The Jews how dumb we are for being, you know, typical American The Jews. We loved it when your sister from another mister, Rep. Michele Bachmann (may her also rotted soul haunt the halls of Congress forever), got her choot-spa on and lectured Jews for sucking at Jewing, all because they continued to support the president from the political ethic the majority of American Jews have very enthusiastically supported in every single election since Jesus founded America.

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Here is some more Being A Realist: King won't be the last conservative Christian to try to shame American Jews for being Bad Jews. Which just might have a little something to do with why American Jews will keep not voting for King and his fellow Republicans. Just maybe.



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