Conor Gannon, Belfast's Ambassador to Partytown

While Googling for Gannons (yes, it's a fixation), we came across this web diary from 1999, documenting the life of a Washington-Ireland Program intern in the Office for Cabinet Affairs. (And hey, you know how we love affairs in the cabinet.) Dude: this kid is so ahead of his time, a veritable Jackie Harvey of the D.C. set.


Needless to say there was plenty of drinkin' involved, plenty of singin', plenty of dancin', plenty of volleyball and of course there was plenty of fireworks. Meeting the President, shaking his hand and chatting to him on July 4 has to be the highlight, although watching everyone dance in The Irish Times was a very close second.

The President, or Bill as he told me to call him, had no problem giving me a few friendly words at the White House on July 4. After I had wished him a happy July 4 from Belfast and Jeff thanked him for all his efforts in Northern Ireland he told us that he thought that if we could get this next deal through then we had a really good chance for lasting peace. Impressed? Only here two weeks an already being the ambassador.

So best. And it goes on... and on...

Conor Gannon [W-I Program]


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