Conrad Burns Still Insane, Loves Lightbulbs

Lightbulbs & Sunshine, baby ... - WonketteSen. Conrad Burns, fresh off his heroic crusade against the day-shift taxi drivers who have no faces yet "kill at night," had a typical (for him) campaign appearance Sunday night.

The occasion was a debate at a high school in Hamilton, Montana. After accusing his Democratic challenger of various misdeeds, the surly crowd started yelling "PSYCHO!" at Burns, while others "booed and baited" the confused old man. (Please, please send us the video. Thanks.)

More Montana insanity, after the jump ....

Burns was accusing Jon Tester of various real or imagined crimes, including "unreported" trips to Taiwan (?) and illegal campaign calls.

Tester apparently laughed at Burns, but managed to avoid a giggling fit and promptly regained his composure. The challenger then recited a horrifyingly long list of real or imagined crimes committed by Burns, such as taking money from a bunch of bad corporations and being sweet on convicted GOP lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

You can read the whole ridiculous story in the Missoulian, but we just want to leave you with this stoner quote from Crazy Conrad:

"I believe in light bulbs and sunshine."
Burns, Tester square off in front of packed house [The Missoulian]

Audience Shouts "Psycho" At Sen. Burns During Debate [Huffington Post]

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