Conservative 'Bad Boy' Ambush Reporter Sticks It To Bono (Impersonator)


Jason Mattera is the official Bad Boy Reporter of Washington, D.C. -- always wearing his rebellious leather jacket, pickin' up chicks with his Harley, showin' 'tude to the Man, the Liberals. The guy will do anything! He's a wildcat, and he don't care. Just check how he stuck it to Bono in this video shot last month, calling out that Irish fuck on his taxes -- what kind of Irish fuck cheats his taxes but also tries to "save Africa"? WHAT IS THAT? Stupid hypocrite Bono! Expose him! Sean Hannity aired the audio on his radio show yesterday, while The Blaze and each posted the ambush video. But wait a minute... why is the story page down? Why are the YouTubes now private? Was there some sort of... problem... The Blaze? "There is widespread discussion on Twitter that the person Mattera interviewed in the videos may have been a Bono impersonator." Oops!

Media Matters has dutifully recovered Mattera's pulled ambush video where he's yelling at a Bono impersonator, about his taxes. You may watch that up top. Who could've known? The impersonator's different voice and nonexistent Irish accent are pretty convincing.

It's all so sad. Just listen to how excited Mattera and Hannity were on the radio yesterday, gloating about this latest coup for 11 minutes. "The master of ambush video strikes again," Hannity tells us. In a sense!

During an appearance on Sean Hannity's radio program yesterday, which includes a brief snippet of the Mattera interview with "Bono," Hannity and Mattera touted "bad boy reporter" Mattera's impressive ambush interview skills. Asked by Hannity how he managed to get an interview with "Bono," Mattera replied that it was "basic shoeleather journalism." (Hannity promised to run the video on last night's edition of his Fox News program, but said on Twitter this morning that Mattera's appearance was preempted by election coverage and that they would run the video tonight instead.)

Mattera and Hannity complained about how "Bono" refused to answer Mattera's inquiries about controversy over U2's taxes. As Mattera put it, "He just filibusters forever without any actual explanation."

[Media Matters]


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