Conservative Blogger: Crowds In Front of White House Were Plants


We gave this Gateway Pundit guy a pass to the gay CPAC party when he lost his. His face displayed utter shock that somebody at a conservative function could do something generous for another person. Probably because this is how so many of them act:

The operation started years before Obama was in office.

Michelle Malkin noted — A Huffington Post reporter gloats: “Chants of ‘four more years!’ in front of WH.”

College kids in front of the White House are chanting “Yes We Can!” according to a beaming CNN reporter.

Funny… They didn’t get this excited when Al-Zarqawi was killed?

Does anyone out there actually believe this was completely spontaneous and not planned by the left?

Yes! We do believe that. Because a man who murdered thousands of American civilians is now dead. And college students liking Obama? Woah!

Despite the best efforts of our armed forces, some people still live in impenetrable compounds. Of stupidity. [Gateway Pundit]


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