Conservative Lawmaker: "I have not had sex with a guy"

mustache rides all aroundWashington (state) is abuzz this week with rumors that state Rep. Richard Curtis is involved in an extortion ring with a "reputed" male prostitute -- in other words, Did he fuck a dude? Curtis is obviously a Republican with a socially conservative voting record, so allegations like these were sure to come out sometime. As was his predictable response: "I am not gay... I have not had sex with a guy." Sure, but... DOES HE LIE?

Spokane, Washington's Spokesman Review is all up in this, and reported the initial story Monday:

Details surrounding the case remained sketchy Sunday, but authorities confirmed that it involves two-term state Rep. Richard Curtis, a Republican from the small southwest Washington town of La Center, and that there was some type of confrontation last week at Davenport Tower. The identity of the alleged extortionist was unavailable, though police confirm he is a reputed prostitute.

Hmm. The leap between a "confrontation" with a male prostitute and an alleged "fuck" with a male prostitute still seems a bit hazy. We'll play along though, since at the very least a history of intimate hand-holding appears to be involved:

A Spokane TV station, KREM, reported on its Web site that investigators said Curtis and the man had a sexual­ encounter and were seen together at various spots around the city.

The local police are being very fair and objective with the media -- one department spokesperson noted that "Obviously there is some sort of relationship between the two of them."

That's all we needed to hear. Gay!

Alleged extortion of legislator probed [Spokesman Review]

Curtis denies sexual encounter [The Columbian]


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