'Conservative Warrior' Shares Fantasy Of Anti-Vaxx Liberals Under A Trump Presidency

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One of the ways conservatives have been soothing themselves about how ridiculous and self-destructive they look refusing to get the vaccine, mask, socially distance or do literally anything to prevent the spread of COVID, has been by talking about how sure they are Democrats would be doing the same thing if Donald Trump were president. Recently they've been particularly fond of citing Vice President Kamala Harris's statement during the Democratic primary debates that she would not take a vaccine on Donald Trump's word alone.

Harris said at the time:

"Well, I think that's going to be an issue for all of us. I will say that I would not trust Donald Trump. And it would have to be a credible source of information that talks about the efficacy and the reliability of whatever he's talking about. I will not take his word for it. He wants us to inject bleach. I — no, I will not take his word."

It's pretty clear what she was saying was that she wouldn't take a vaccine if Donald Trump, who is not a scientist, was the only one saying it was safe. Which is a very reasonable thing to say. Hell, I don't think I would take a drink from Donald Trump "at his word."

In a recent post at The Gateway Pundit, Trumpist Wayne Allyn Root shared a rather wild fantasy about what we would do and how we would react were the tables turned and Trump was still president.

What if all of this was happening and Trump was President, serving his second term? The exact same vaccine, the exact same results. Just imagine with me.


What if Trump was president and government swore the vaccine would prevent Covid. But when the vaccinated started getting sick, the goal post was changed 180 degrees. Suddenly everyone admits the vaccinated are getting Covid and they can spread it too. Suddenly their viral load is as high as the unvaccinated. Suddenly the vaccine isn't effective against "variants." Suddenly its only use is preventing hospitalizations. Talk about three card monte.

Except not? The problem with COVID wasn't that people got sick in the first place, but that COVID killed them, resulted in hospitalizations that overran ICU wards and sometimes caused severe long-term health issues. This is definitely a thing we all understood a year ago and continue to understand now. Regardless of who is president.

But does the vaccine actually prevent hospitalizations? In Israel, doctors report as many as 95% of the hospitalized are vaccinated. If Trump was president, would anyone be taking the vaccine anymore after hearing those numbers? Would any Democrat? Would any black American?

Yeah, see, even if Trump was President, we would be capable of Googling and seeing that Israel also happens to have a very high vaccination rate, so it would certainly follow that more of those being hospitalized would be vaccinated than in an area with a lower percentage of people being vaccinated. Also, we'd just be capable of Googling in general, to see where exactly Root's numbers are bullshit.

And yeah, we'd still all be taking the vaccine.

How about closer to home. In Massachusetts, there are 9,969 "breakthrough cases" of the vaccinated with Covid and over 100 vaccinated are dead of Covid. That's reported by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.

It is! And that number represents 0.002 of vaccinated people in the state. We all understand the vaccine isn't 100 percent, but we know it reduces the odds of transmission and the odds of hospitalization by a whole lot, and that seems pretty good.

But those are just Covid deaths among the vaccinated. That has nothing to do with the deaths and serious injuries directly from the Covid vaccine.

There have been a total of three deaths related to blood clots people got after taking the Johnson and Johnson vaccine. Doctors now know how to treat this, and since then, there have not been any deaths. Hooray!

If Trump was president, the media would be reporting those numbers in gigantic headlines and calling "Trump's vaccine" a "Frankenstein monster." They'd be accusing Trump of murder. They'd be calling him "Hitler."

Oh, because we'd be at a loss to criticize him for anything else?

Not one Democrat in America would be taking this vaccine.

There would be BLM riots as black Americans accused Trump of racism and genocide. The ACLU would be suing in every city, county and state in America. They'd call forced vaccinations under Trump "the civil rights issue of our lifetime."

Hey! Remember that time there was a pandemic under Trump and the people who refused to wear masks or socially distance were pretty much all Republicans and no, the ACLU did not side with them on the mask nonsense? Because "making other people sick" is not a civil liberty? You will notice the ACLU doesn't challenge OSHA rules, either. They're not suing restaurants saying "You need to let people who don't wash their hands work here, it is their right as Americans!"

The ACLU does have concerns about vaccine passports — though that concern is related to access to credentials for those who don't have smartphones and making sure people's privacy is otherwise protected and they're not being tracked for the purpose of being advertised to or any nonsense like that.

And the children? Are you aware John Hopkins Medical School (the most respected in the world) just did a study of 45,000 American kids with Covid and found 0 deaths among healthy children. 0 as in zero. Only a handful of children in all of America died from Covid, and John Hopkins reports all of them had childhood cancer.

Oh, well then! Who cares about those kids? After all, it's hardly as if we've been talking about the need to protect immunocompromised people since the very beginning.

So, if Trump was president and the government demanded every school child be masked and vaccinated with a dangerous and sometimes deadly experimental vaccine, even though there was 0 risk of death from this flu bug, what would liberals say? How about feminist mothers?

Again, are we going to just memory-hole who wore masks while Trump was president? Apparently! Because Wayne Allyn Root knows exactly what those feminist mothers would say. Probably because he knows so many of them. Surely, lots of feminist mothers hang out with a guy who thinks people who use birth control should not be allowed to vote.

You don't have to guess. I know. Liberal mothers across America would say "Trump wants to murder our children." But most importantly, looking at the VAERS numbers showing thousands dead and over 500,000 injured, many seriously, many crippled for life, directly from this experimental jab. If Trump was president, doctors and medical experts would be demanding an immediate suspension of this vaccine program. The media would be touting "Trump vaccine deaths" on the front page.

Wow. So after years and years of understanding that VAERS numbers are bullshit and that literally anyone can self-report that someone died or was "injured" by a vaccine, and explaining this every time there is a measles outbreak because a cluster of parents didn't get their kids vaccinated because they think vaccines cause autism, we suddenly start believing it is a reliable source for this kind of information? That is truly something. Boy, what hypocrites we are! Or maybe we just are idiots who think Tucker Carlson is telling us the truth.

But speaking of hypocrites, Wayne Allyn Root here doesn't go into much detail about what Republicans would be doing in this scenario. Would they be the ones getting the vaccine? Or would we all be uniting together against Trump and his nefarious plan to vaccinate us all against a virus that could kill us?

No one understands like I do, imagining elaborate "Fantasy Island" scenarios where all the people who think you're wrong realize and acknowledge you're totally correct. For me, it's right up there with "Fella who doesn't realize he should be in love with me coming to this conclusion after discovering how good I am at singing."

But these are the kinds of things we keep to ourselves, and for good reason. Because they're stupid.

[Gateway Pundit]

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