Conservatives: Employment Awaits Near San Francisco!


Tipster "paperpush" sends us news that at least one (1) new job has been created in the Bay Area. Green shoots, etc! Are you a right-of-center sort of thinker with mad writing skillz and decent hygiene? Read on.

The details:

Young Conservative Writer needed for start-up business.

You need to be young, politically conservative, full of energy, well-spoken, neat in appearance, and have a love for writing.

Tell a little about yourself (don't have to be formal) by replying to the Craigslist link above, and please attach a picture of yourself, as well as a short excerpt of someting you've recently written.

Or, more briefly:

You need to be young ... neat in appearance ... please attach a picture of yourself.

And we thought that Craiglist had stopped posting dirty dirty sex ads for prostitutes.

Young Conservative WRITER needed (belmont) [SF Bay Area Craigslist]


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