Conservatives Have Some Theories On The 35 Republicans Who Voted For The 1/6 Commission

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Conservatives Have Some Theories On The 35 Republicans Who Voted For The 1/6 Commission

On Wednesday, the House voted 252 to 175 in favor of establishing a bipartisan commission to look into the events of January 6. It's probably not going to happen, because in order to get it through the Senate's filibuster, they need 10 Mitt Romneys, and there are only about seven. Still, in the House, 35 Republicans voted in favor of the commission, and that's a pretty big deal — especially to certain talking heads who are completely outraged that even that many — 16 percent of the caucus — were willing to support it.

And they have some theories about why.

On Newsmax, host and former Trump campaign spokesman Steve Cortes suggested that it was because they simply were not manly enough. He deemed the 35 not-all-male Republicans who voted in favor of the commission the "Eunuch Caucus," suggesting that they had their testicles removed, allowing them to vote for commissions that would actually benefit them in the long run and also sing in a higher register.

Via Raw Story:

"It's been clear from both polling as well as recent elections that the Republican voters they believe in a transformed, 'America first' party, but a lot of legacy officeholders, well, they cling to old ways the ways of the 'surrender GOP,'" Cortes said. "I think people were really surprised to see so many, 35 members of Congress, kowtowing to the agenda of the D.C. contingent, unfortunately. So that's the reality folks."

"There's a new gang in town, and there's nothing cool about this group," he added. "I'm referring, of course, to this new coalition formed on Capitol Hill, 35 House Republican representatives who voted with Nancy Pelosi yesterday to establish a congressional committee to investigate the Jan. 6 riot, 35 political cowards who are handing Adam Schiff, [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez] and Jerry Nadler the keys to a high-powered truck, knowing full well that Pelosi and her squad will use that truck to then run them over now."


Of course, that's not really the case. If Democrats can't get a bipartisan commission together, they are free to establish their own select committee to look into January 6 (as Republicans did with Benghazi), without any input from Republicans. It would also mean that one of the big asks Republicans got from Pelosi, to have the commission conclude in 2021 for fear it would impact Republicans running in 2022 elections, would be right out the window. That is a far more high-powered truck than the one the 35 Republicans in the House voted for. Whoops!

Cortes continued to go on with a bunch of lies about how none of the people who entered the building were armed. At least three participants are now facing gun charges and many of the other insurrectionists carried other kinds of weapons. There are pictures. And videos.

On Real America's Voice, the rightwing webcast that is somehow even kookier than Newmax and One America News combined, host Dr. Gina Loudon speculated that these 35 Republicans did it all for the fabulous cocktail parties to which she and Donald Trump and the people who invaded the capitol are not invited.


Cheney and many of those on that list have been in the swamp for so long that they have no idea what happens outside the DC beltway, and they've gotten to the point that they don't actually care. What they do care about is their big consulting gig that they will get when they leave Congress or maybe that contributor job on some fake news network that pays them enough money to keep their fancy townhouses in DC so they can keep going to their white glove cocktail parties and toasting with their friends who are all on the Left and in the media. And that's what really happens in Washington DC, folks.

People like you and me don't get invited to those cocktail parties, nor will we ever, nor by the way does Donald Trump or anyone who's ever mouthed the words of Donald Trump in a favorable manner. Because that's the price you pay. It's the price of never being invited back to those parties. So whenever you wonder why things don't make sense in Washington DC, just think about those cocktail parties. Who's invited, who isn't, and who cares to be invited and who doesn't. And it will all just make sense in your head.

That doesn't really seem like a thing to me, but then again, I don't get invited to fancy cocktail DC cocktail parties either — despite the fact that I am on the Left and in the media. Perhaps this is because I don't live in DC, but I'm not frequently invited to cocktail parties in Chicago either, unless you count bringing a bottle of gin over to a house party because I don't like beer to be a "cocktail party."

As thrilling as those cocktail parties may be, given that Liz Cheney and the rest of them regularly vote for obviously terrible things, it seems unlikely that this one vote will get them on the guest list for any parties with people who are actually on the Left. Also they probably have their own parties.

It seems somewhat more likely that these people figured a bipartisan commission in which Republicans got a say was probably better than a partisan commission in which they did not. It is even possible that they would genuinely like to get to the bottom of why they were being hunted down in the US Capitol by terrifying criminals. But alas, I am not a doctor, so what do I know?

"Dr. Gina" by the way, is a real doctor. She has a doctorate in "human and organization systems" from Fielding Graduate University, an online school. This is mainly relevant because she frequently claims to have a doctorate in psychology, which she does not. That being said, she clearly does have an intuition about people. Not necessarily the people who voted in favor of the commission, but the people that watch her show. You tell them "These other people think they're better than you! They're having parties and not inviting you, because of how much you love America! But I think you are better than them!" and they will pretty much go along with anything you say.

On the especially kooky side of things, some of the folks on our favorite QAnon message board have a theory that, actually, 35 Republicans voting in favor of establishing a bipartisan committee is just "part of the plan."

Does it matter all they are going to find is Antifa and BLM did all the damage and Trump voters went in because they were invited by the capital police. Then maybe we get the name of the cop that killed Ashli and hopefully he gets charged with murder.

Apparently when you're a Republican, anything can be true and anything can be part of "the plan" so long as your imagination and paranoia can take you there. And there's something magical in that.

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