Conservatives Know Who To Blame For Trump's G20 Hotel Fiasco: THANKS, OBAMA!

Poor Donald Trump! His coterie of dipshits couldn't get it together to book hotel rooms at the G20, so he had to rely on the kindness of the City of Hamburg and stay at their Senate Guest House. Sad!

Obviously, Trump knows nothing about foreign relations and international diplomacy. But aren't hotels kind of his thing?

Surely the Trump Administration will just admit the goof and move on.

Oh, but we are to kid! No, the White House is putting this one on The Black Guy, of course. From the Daily Mail,

The White House is blaming the Obama administration for leaving President Donald Trump without a proper hotel during this week's G20 summit.

Every top-shelf lodging was already booked by the time the Trump White House began making inquiries – but that, two White House officials say, is because their predecessors never booked rooms for an American delegation.

The G20's northern Germany summit was announced in February 2016, when Obama was still president and Trump was considered a long-shot hope to take the White House.

'Obama's people left everyone high and dry,' one current official said on Friday. 'They didn't care enough to make sure whoever was president would have a place to stay.'


Okay, let's just take the word of an unnamed White House staffer that the Obama team did nothing about the G20 summit. Trumpland spends half its time leaking and the other half shitting on anonymous sources. But fine, we believe you, random White House flack! All the luxury hotel rooms were booked "by the time the Trump White House began making inquiries." But you left out one key piece of information here. When did you start making the calls? Was it closer to January 21, or June 21?

In February, Rex Tillerson had to stay at a health spa in the suburbs of Bonn because he couldn't get a room for G20 meeting.

On his first trip abroad as U.S. secretary of state, Rex Tillerson was forced to stay at a sanitarium in a German village known for its hot springs, 30 minutes from where other world leaders gathered. Diplomatic security agents mingled in the parking lot with elderly people in wheelchairs arriving for spa treatments.

How long after Bloomberg reported this did you guys jump on and start looking for rooms?

Your 5$F just flew from Baltimore to Seattle via Dallas, because she is a lamewad procrastinator who booked at the last minute. She didn't blame Expedia for her own fuck up!

The party of personal responsibility will not be ruining this story by asking too many questions, though. They're pinning this one on Obama, goddammit! Here's a #hottake from the geniuses at Young Conservatives.

Clearly, the Obama Administration dropped the ball here.

Would have been the right thing to do to make sure the next president had everything set up considering that it was already too late on Election Day.

But, you know how President Obama is. Not exactly a great planner.

If Hillary had won she would have been screwed too but as the Daily Mail article points out the media would be singing a completely different tune.

Right. Because the media gave the Clintons a free pass and never covered the White House Travel Office.

And the media never once complained about the expense of Obama's travels. Except for that time in 2010 that Glenn Beck made up that bullshit about Obama's official trip to India costing $200 million a day. Or Fox News's bi-weekly ragegasms over the Obama's travel expenses. And all the Trump tweets.

Fox News is still complaining that the Obamas have the nerve to take nice vacations. But a Clinton fuck up would have been a non-story?

Okay, Young Conservatives. We are of the opinion that counterfactuals are just lazy intellectual wanking. But it's the weekend, so what the hell! Let's pretend that we're in that alternate universe where Hillary won and had to rely on the kindness of strangers at the G20 summit.

In your comma-free fantasyland, "the media" would have given her a pass on this.

If Hillary had won she would have been screwed too but as the Daily Mail article points out the media would be singing a completely different tune.

Well, bless your heart! We at Wonkette are pretty sure that Fox News would spend a month of outrage that uppity Hillary refused to stay anywhere but an ultra-luxury hotel. After savaging her for being a ditz who failed to book the rooms on time, of course. We are pretty sure the media's "different tune" would go something like this.

  • Moocher in Chief Must Have the Best, ON THE TAXPAYERS' DIME!
  • "I'm Too Good to Stay With The Little People," Unnamed Source Quotes HRC
  • Hills Insists on Staying with Bilderberg Pals, What is She Hiding?!?!?
  • Elitist Hillary Too Good to Bunk at the Best Western Like a Real American
  • Join Us for a 12-Part Expose of Youth Hostels With Rooms Hillary Could Have Booked
  • Hillary Rages As Huma Struggles To Find Deluxe Waterbed Suite For Lesbian Orgy
  • White House Terrified German Hosts Will Discover Hillary's Deathbed Health Crisis
  • Clinton Travel Team Scrambles To Find Satanic Pedophile Pizza Outlet for G20 Trip

As long as we're just making shit up!

But here on Planet Earth, Donald Trump's team fucked up and blamed Obama. Again. Which was probably the least embarrassing thing that happened at this year's G20.

America, FUCK YEAH!

[Daily Mail / Bloomberg / Young Conservatives]

Your Wonkette, covering the never-ending shame spiral that is the Trump Administration. All weekend long. Don't forget to tip your server!

Liz Dye

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