Conservatives Launch New Website To Take Down Institutional Left, No Really For Serious This Time You Guys!

Conservatives Launch New Website To Take Down Institutional Left, No Really For Serious This Time You Guys!

Well this will be fun! Noodle-brained jackanape Ben Shapiro is teaming up with crankypants David Horowitzto launch something called, described as “the conservative counterpunch to Media Matters.” To which yr Wonkette can only say: THANK YOU! We are going to have so much fun wading through what is sure to be yet one more fever swamp of conservative lunacy and bullshit that we are not ashamed to say we peed in our sweatpants when we read about this. (Also we really need to get out more.)

Media Matters has long been the Moby Dick to whichever conservative fancies himself as Ahab at any given moment, which has led to all sorts of awesome slurs directed against it: Soros-funded! Obama-linked! (MMFA was founded in 2004, well over two years before Obama announced he would seek the presidency – or so the Manchurian Kenyan’s handlers would have us believe!) It’s no surprise that the conservative leviathan would vomit up two of its more annoyingly loud and sneering acolytes to lead the latest whaling voyage.

Shapiro’s announcement could not be more hilarious in its hyperbolic, unhinged ranting:

For too long, we've played by the Marquis of Queensberry rules, allowing the left to stifle the truth and silence truth tellers in the name of their politically correct narrative. Now we're taking the battle to their home turf -- and we will do so aggressively and unwaveringly, every single day. This is just another avenue for applying Breitbart’s fighting spirit to the battle against those who would destroy what America stands for.

Yeah, you sure are filling a void. There is such a dearth of screeching harelip monkeys on the right hooting and masturbating all over the public discourse these days. It’s getting to where the bookers for the Sunday morning shows can barely find a sad birther clown to sit for an interview.

Plus, as the press release points out, Horowitz and Breitbart have a very fruitful history making beautiful conservative music:

Horowitz and Breitbart worked together on the film Occupy Unmasked, which looked behind the scenes at the institutional left’s control of the Occupy Wall Street movement. Horowitz’s life’s work in exposing the mendacity of the left was a key part of the film. “Occupy Unmasked shows how closely David and Andrew were on their work of exposing and defeating the forces of the institutional left in America. We consider Ben Shapiro's leading role at 'Truth Revolt' to be nothing more than a continuation of that work," said Stephen K. Bannon, Executive Chairman of Breitbart News.

Ah, we remember that well: amidst the sea of hagiography for Occupy Wall Street that flooded the news back in the halcyon days of two years ago, only one soldier had the courage to stand on a lonely corner in front of the luxury Washington hotel where CPAC was being held, to howl the truth into the harsh and inhospitable void: “STOP RAPING PEOPLE! STOP RAPING PEOPLE! BEEEEEHAAAAAVE YOURSELVES!”

And soon we will all be dead from the truth-bombs of knowledge that TruthRevolt will truthily drop on our truth-hating liberal heads, the end.



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