Praise Beck, peace be upon him.Glenn Beck and an army of Teabaggers are going to march on Washington on the anniversary of the "I Have a Dream" speech this weekend for some reason or another. Basically somebody at Beck headquarters said, "Let's get some of those yelling people to yell about things on the National Mall, but let's put Glenn in front of them." Now conservatives are actually starting to realize that Glenn Beck is just doing this to stoke his own cult of personality. It turns out the march was originally planned to help launch Glenn Beck's latest book, but wingnuts are just now picking up on this.

Influential conservative blogger Erick Erickson said Beck won't be able to answer what Erickson has called lingering questions about "whether he’s doing it for himself or doing it for the movement," even with a successful event this weekend.

"People are going to want to see what comes out of this weekend long term — is it a flash in the pan or is it something longer term?" said Erickson. "Part of the problem is that he didn't hold onto the 9-12 stuff and it's kind of descended into competing factions and chaos. He is going to have to be careful, I think, to make sure that he perpetuates this in some way or it's going to start becoming a punch line."

Yes, as part of this thing, Glenn Beck started the "9.12 Project," which apparently tried to replace slashes with decimal points in how we write dates post-9/11. Or something like that? Anyway, Glenn Beck did not do a good job keeping these people inflamed with hatred and such, so they started to get bored, and that upset activists.

Meanwhile, at least one tea party group rejected Beck's entreaties to assist with the march, concluding he was offering little in return for its organizational know-how and credibility, while giving preferential treatment to FreedomWorks, which is paying to sponsor Beck's radio show. The group's leader, who requested anonymity to avoid antagonizing Beck, said, "All he's doing is trying to use us to promote himself."

Haha, this guy is afraid of Glenn Beck. GLENN BECK IS VERY VIOLENT. HE WILL CRY ON YOU.

At the request of Beck's team, which lacked the organizational infrastructure or logistical know-how to pull off Saturday's march, asked for assistance, Tea Party Patriots agreed to help promote the march among its 500,000 email subscribers and to provide 400 volunteers to staff it, a requirement before the National Park Service would issue a permit.

But when the Patriots were deciding whether to help with Saturday's rally, Dodge said there was internal queasiness over the M.L.K. link and Beck's inflammatory rhetoric, including his blasting of Obama as a racist.

Wha? But Erick Erickson said Beck didn't inflame Teabaggers enough. Calling Obama a racist Muslim socialist thug goon is the best, most intelligent part of criticizing our president.

Surely these Teabagger Tea Party Nationalists Patriots just felt used by this multi-multi-millionaire, used to sell his dumb books. But isn't that the most important part of being a Teabagger, hating taxes against the rich because you want rich people to have more money? [Politico]


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