Jerome Corsi Emails Corona Fraud Prosecutor Instead Of Hydroxy Doc, Don't You Hate When That Happens?

Sad to say that the dumbest goddamn idiot character from Season 2 is back for a cameo appearance. Jerome Corsi, the birther conspiracy theorist podcaster, did not endear himself to the Mueller team investigating Trump-Russia when he swore on a stack of Gideons that he'd had a holy revelation on a transcontinental flight that Wikileaks would dump John Podesta's emails in October. Suing Robert Mueller and the FBI, CIA, NSA, and DOJ for various heinous crimes didn't help either. Yes, his lawyer was Larry Klayman, and yes, the case was dismissed.

A rational person who managed to escape indictment in the Mueller case would stay as far away from federal prosecutors as possible. And yet, Jerome Corsi has now triggered yet another investigation after fat-fingering an email destined for the doctor who first touted the benefits of hydroxychloroquine to the White House, Zev Zelenko, and sending it instead to federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, an alum of the Mueller team who is now investigating coronavirus scams out of the US Attorney's Office in Maryland.


The Washington Post reports that Corsi revealed the investigation in his podcast yesterday, sharing the misdirected missive in which he'd described Zelenko as having "an FDA approved randomized test of HCQ underway." Here on Planet Earth, Zelenko is far too busy appearing on Sean Hannity's radio show, being touted on Laura Ingraham's Fox show, and talking to Rudy Giuliani to bother with a controlled, randomized trial. But not so busy that he can't act as an "unpaid advisor" on his pal Jerry Corsi's website Call now to speak to a doctor in all 50 states, for the "low consult fee of $59.95!" Whether it's constipation, the common cold, or COVID-19, Uncle Jerry's got you covered!

Especially the COVID-19.

"I'm very concerned about the government intrusion here on our freedoms," Corsi blarped. "I see the government demonizing a medicine … this hydroxychloroquine, that's been around for 70 years, and is fully FDA approved for various illness."

The Post reports that Zelenko was a guest on Corsi's podcast Sunday (we'll take their word for it, not listening to that shit), where he derided Dr. Anthony Fauci and other medical professionals, saying they were urging caution on hydroxychloroquine out of selfish political or financial motives. Sure the drug has no proven effect on coronavirus, whereas its cardiac side effects are well-documented, but Dr. Zelenko is certain that giving patients a powerful immunosuppressant in the middle of a viral pandemic is just good medicine.

"History will prove me right," Zelenko told Corsi. "The difference between me and Dr. Fauci is only about 100,000 dead people."

Well ... perhaps, yes!

As for the claim that Zelenko was running an FDA study, apparently Corsi's divine muse was asleep at the wheel, and he had to take Zelenko's word for it.

After learning of the federal prosecutor's interest, Corsi said he asked Zelenko about whether he had an FDA approved study — as Corsi said Zelenko had told another physician at a training event. Zelenko, Corsi said, then suggested his study was approved instead by an internal hospital panel.

"I pointed out to Zelenko, 'But it's not registered as an FDA test, and you can't say it is,' " Corsi said Thursday on YouTube, adding that he did not feel Zelenko was trying to defraud anyone, but rather did not understand what it meant to have an FDA-approved test.

"I did nothing wrong. Zelenko made a mistake. He's got no case. And we're following all the rules," Corsi said. He said he had turned over to Zelinsky emails and text messages between himself and Zelenko, as well as copies of his podcast and marketing materials for the website — "everything he asked for."

Well, enough of this bullshit. The Trumpers looooove this Zelenko guy, and Bill Barr has already gone on record saying he thinks there's a media "jihad" against hydroxychloroquine because liberals hate Trump. So let's assume this investigation goes nowhere, in today's dysfunctional DOJ. But if you're in the market for a cheap medical consult, may we suggest that you go literally anywhere but a website flogged by that loon Jerry Corsi?


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