Convention Hangover, Part Four

How long can we keep this up? Well, happy hour starts in 15 minutes. . .

We hear that DNC staffers staying at BU were reprimanded for "bringing unregistered guests back to the dorm late at night." Ahem.

Overheard at the GQ party: "There's some sort of citywide edict that if you have a gathering of three or more people this week, every fourth person has to be Ben Affleck."

More details on Al Franken's, uhm, medicated appearance at the Avalon:

Al Franken was the "keynote" speaker at Patrick Kennedy's wrap-up party at Avalon. He had quite obviously had alot to drink - he was visibly swaying on stage, and slurred every word. [He claims he took some "migraine medicine." Funny, we have the exact same prescription!]

The crowd was horrified - you could have heard a pin drop in that place. Not even one smile. It was awful.

My friend heckled him, (words to the effect of, "you're killing it, Al!" Yes, stupid heckle)

Al responded, "Go fuck yourself."

One reader's mini Wonk'd:

While reading the newspaper in the waiting room of the Boston Harbor Hotel spa, was semi-traumatized to see Joe Biden dripping wet in his swimming trunks. He had been cavorting with some kids (his grandchildren, I hope) in the pool. Oddly, his hair looks slightly more natural wet that it does dry. 

Terry McAuliffe in the VIP area at the RIAA party on Tuesday night at the Avalon. A young female aide was reading him an article about him off her blackberry. So meta.....

 At same party, saw the young brooding guy from the O.C. No idea what his name is. Predictably, he was very short.

We love that minor celebrities still get laid a lot. A reader reports:

I'm back at my hotel Monday night - the red hot Back Bay Sheraton if you must know  (thanks, Bill Richardson) after the Blue Dog-Neville Bros. thing at the Roxy and I'm starving and alone. And apparently, a loser considering the city was crawling with drunken chicks. I digress.


Anyway, I ask the desk clerk where I can get some food. I hear a dude behind me say, "Damn, It's been a long day. I just wanna drop off my bags and go get a drink."


I turn around and say "I think you're outta luck on the drink, man. Everything shuts down at 2." Then I realize it's Billy Baldwin - THE Billy Baldwin of, um, shit I can't remember what movies he was in. Was he ever actually in any?


Then he remembers he's in Boston and starts half-jokingly cursing the city's puritanism. Says: "Guess, I'll just go to the room." Not a bad decision considering he had three women with him. He's tall and has good hair. That's all I remember.


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