Convention Hangover, Part Six (It May Finally Be Waning)

Looking at the Globe's user-submitted "celebrity" snapshots, we have determined that there is a rung lower than "famous-for-DC": "famous-for-Boston." We have, for instance, never seen anyone happier to be standing next to Janet Reno:

uhm, ok

But Lori Donnelly, Lauren Lambert, and their official photographer, Jeff Beam, are the real stars of this collection. See them here, here, here, and here (multiple shots!). Lori and Lauren are like the maniacal Democratic Waldos of the convention. Or maybe the Morganas-the-Kissing-Bandits. Star-fuckers, maybe? Oh, we're just jealous. See that picture of them with Jerry Stiller? That guy with Reno wishes he could stand next to Jerry Stiller. readers' celebrity sightings []


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