Convicts Don't Just Kill Themselves, You Know

* The GOP turns mighty quickly on one of their own when it turns out he's a gay homo doing butt sex in the mens room. [NYT]

* Oh, wait, now all of a sudden Bush does want to work with Democrats who will surely support whatever shit for brains jackass he puts up to be AG. [NYT]

* Conservative PACs aren't the only ones that know how to violate election law. [Politico]

* Libtards to take their protest to where Congress and the general public can easily ignore them. [The Hill]

* The critical Wyoming primary has moved from its previous spot on the vote calendar to first in the nation - until the end of today. [USAT]

* Hey, here's an idea. What if only poor people paid taxes and only the wealthiest people got welfare? [WT]

* California needs to get serious about killing its black people. [LAT]


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