Cooking Omelettes With Jesus H. Christ Himself

Remember the crazy failed Republican state senate candidate who "conceded" to her Hindu opponent by demanding he become a Christian? Minnesota's second-favorite Lunatic 4 Jesus, Rae Hart Anderson, paid a visit to a blog that mocked her and let loose with a long bunch of crazy. Here's a sample:

Eggs are fragile creations, and a broken Humpty Dumpty hard to glue...but the Creator of all things takes an egg, and breaks it with superior life from the inside out...lets life form inside, and peck its way out and twin chicks set foot on earth with voices and purpose--with bodies and smallish minds that grasp little. Some fractured human ideas lead to more of life and more knowledge of the lack of knowledge, even in the talking heads found everywhere--that fragment into even less so easily.
It's extra great because it's a "desi" blog -- South Asian people, many of them Hindu -- so now she's trying to convert all the Evil Hindus! Please, somebody elect this woman to national office.

Comment from Rae Hart Anderson [Sepia Mutiny]

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