Cool Election Trailer Will Get Bloggers Excited to Try to Make Democrats Not Lose Somehow


[youtube expand=1]

The Democratic Governors Association made this video to get the libtard bloggers excited at the Netroots Nation conference that starts today in Las Vegas. That was cool of them! Look, there is something of each of them in this video. David Paterson of New York sat at a computer and did ALL the video editing himself. Ed Rendell of Pennsylvania picked this Arcade Fire song that has been his favorite ever since he watched the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are 42 times in a row and cried. And Martin O'Malley of Maryland tallied up a list of all the intellectual property violations, for lolz.

ARE YOU EXCITED YET? Haha, did you see how they almost put a swear in there at the end, but Paterson managed to edit around it? Except he forgot about the earlier "damnit."

Pareene's observation that this is something that "basketball teams play during timeouts in the fourth quarter when they're down 20 points" is pretty much the best.

And this ad should be effective! The Democratic Party never gives in.

This is certainly a cool, hip website, though! Look, they have a bracket, just like the popular March college basketball tournament. Timely! And they have a section on Sarah Palin! Those are the two most important issues facing voters this election: bracketology and Sarah Palin. And it's good they have those covered, as there is basically nothing else on this site.

Now give the Democratic governors money! [Salon/Fight the Right 2010]


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