Cops Held Ving Rhames At Gunpoint Because White Lady Had Free Time

Lately we have been hearing many tales of white folks calling the police on black people for suspiciously suspicious reasons like napping, golfing, and just standing at the grill in the park. Normally, it results in black people being harassed, insulted, fearful, and often angry at the intrusion into their lives. Recently, however, a white person decided to do their cop calling scheme on a black man who is extra super famous: Ving Rhames. For breaking into his own house. Yeah.

Now, if you have watched a movie in the past 20 years, or perhaps you simply love the Mission Impossible franchise, you know exactly who the fuck Ving Rhames is. And if you called the police saying "a big black man is breaking into a home on my street" then you obviously would know that he lived in that very home you accused him of breaking into. So, why the fuck did his neighbor call the cops? My opinion? Just being racist as hell for shits and giggles. Also, an overabundance of free time that would have been better spent MINDING HER OWN BUSINESS.

From People:

"Rhames said he was watching ESPN in his basketball shorts when he heard a knock at his front door."

Who breaks into someone's home just to slip into something more comfy to watch TV? Especially a black guy in a wealthy neighborhood? Yeah. Not fucking likely.

"I get up, I open the door and there's a red dot pointed at my face from a 9-millimeter [gun], and they say, 'Put up your hands.' Literally," he claimed."

Anyone think it's crazy for the police to point a weapon at you when you're at home watching Sportscenter?

"The police officer who allegedly pointed the gun at him was joined by two other police officers, a police dog and the captain of police — the latter who eventually recognized Rhames not from his film work but because their son's respective high school basketball teams had previously played against each other, Rhames said."

Look here black men, make sure you get your kids on the team so you can be recognized by the white cops whose kid your kid beat at the Pop Warner Championships or whatever your favorite sports equivalent is. Doesn't matter if they can play!!! This is about SAVING YOUR LIVES. You need white dudes to be familiar with your face so they don't SHOOT YOU. K?

"Asked why police were there, Rhames claimed police told them they were responding to a 911 call about a potential burglary. He said to me, 'A woman called 911 [and] said a large black man was breaking into the house. And so we came,' " Rhames told Cane."

So…. This lady literally MADE UP A FELONY CRIME IN PROGRESS, possibly hoping that the cops would shoot him. See what I mean when I say STOP calling the police because black people annoy you, scare you with their blackness, or commit some minor rule violation that would not send you to the emergency hotline if a white person did it.

"When Rhames went across the street to confront the neighbor with a police officer and the police chief by his side, the woman denied it, Rhames alleged in the interview."

No she didn't pretend that she never called the police!!! Yes. She did. Why? Because she knew she had no goddamn business making up lies and calling them in the first fucking place. Honestly? They should have arrested HER for making false reports. Swatting can and has gotten people killed, so it may be time to start holding people responsible for making shit up.

"You can check this with the Santa Monica Police Department. They apologized and what have you," Rhames said. "This is the God's honest truth."

At least they apologize to a living you instead of murdering you and fake apologizing to your family after the settlement over your wrongful death.

"What if it was my son and he had a video game remote or something, and you thought it was a gun?" Rhames said to Cane. "Just like, I don't know, Trayvon had a bag of Skittles."

Yeah. What if? What if we as a nation stopped treating certain colors of people like animals and learned to mind our own business and stop lying, harassing, abusing, and hurting each other? I don't know what would have happened to his son in his own home if he had been playing Xbox or holding the remote control. One thing is certain, there are millions of black men and boys who don't have Ving Rhames' money or instantly recognizable face. What will continue happening to them because of the racial caste system that tells America that blacks are unwanted and subhuman, if we don't change our ways? We can't all be movie stars, but we are here, we are people, and we want to live too.

Black lives matter, America. Please change.


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