How are things in the American Heartland this morning? Very terrible, according to this video news report from ... a comedy blog? A superhero musical? No, it's from the Associated Press.

In other news, the Founders of Democracy over in Greece are now having the most insane riots of the two years of rioting since bankers reamed that nation so effectively, in the "wake of the financial crisis" or whatever. Reuters says:

Demonstrators clashed with police in front of the Greek parliament on Wednesday as tens of thousands rallied at the start of a general strike timed to coincide with a vote on a bitterly resented new round of austerity measures. Protesters showered police with stones and fire bombs on the steps of the parliament building, forcing them to retreat. The boom of tear gas canisters fired by police rang out over Syntagma Square while black smoke curled into the air.

For the first time since the crisis broke out two years ago, demonstrators reached the steps of the neo-classical building and there was a bitter tang of tear gas inside, a Reuters reporter said.

"A bitter tang of tear gas," is that what the Reuters reporter said? This is how you know you're talking to a news reporter, we guess: They speak in comical foreign-correspondent cliches they must have learned from Graham Greene slash fiction. Anyway, watch out for angry escaped zoo monsters that never should've been taken from their native environment! Also, the cops are probably practicing on these animals, and the next stop will be the hundreds of occupation protests nationwide. [Reuters]


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