Cops Seize Gun Nuts' Guns, Ruin Perfectly Good Chance For Civil War
Photo: Allison Sherrie, Colorado Public Radio, on Twitter

Denver police seized a bunch of guns and ammo from a group of self-proclaimed anti-government "boogaloo bois" following protests Friday night. The weapons included several semiautomatic assault rifles and pistols, plus knives, ammunition, and other tacticool toys. A wannabe civil war participant, Chevy McGee, claimed on Facebook Saturday that the weapons belonged to him and his friends.

Shout out to Denver PD for stealing our shit last night. None of this left the trunk of our car, and they said they had reasonable suspicion because someone called that's why they searched it. They cuffed us and let us go after 30 minutes.

In a separate post, McGee said that he and his friends had never taken the guns out of their trunk because they know open carry isn't allowed in Denver, and also there weren't enough people in his group that they could have gotten away with it, so all you haters stop ragging on him for "letting" the cops take away his manhood like that, OK?

As the Colorado Times Recorder notes, this isn't the first time McGee has been in the news lately; he was also a pal of Bradley Bunn, the dipshit guy who was arrested for making pipe bombs shortly before one of those "Please let us spread COVID-19 for freedom" rallies.

McGee and Bunn were among a group of gun rights activists who intended to open-carry firearms at the state Capitol during the May Day "Reopen Colorado" protest. Open carrying is illegal in Denver, but they hoped to have so many armed supporters that police officers would decline to enforce the law.

Their plan fell apart due to the FBI and Larimer [County] Sheriff's raid on Bunn's house the morning of the May 1 rally.

It appears that "having lots of people carrying openly" (but no pipe bombs) was supposed to be the plan Friday, too; McGee claimed he had "a group of 20+ bois heading to the Denver state Capitol" for the protests against police brutality.

What was a guy who looks forward to the "boogaloo" of a new civil war doing at a protest against the killing of George Floyd? Like a lot of the boogaloo types, he just really, really hates cops. As JJ MacNab, a fellow with George Washington University's Program on Extremism and Twitter's go-to expert on domestic rightwing extremists, explains, while some of the boogaloo boogers are plain old white supremacists who want a race war, others, mostly younger-ish ones, don't like racism, REALLY hate cops, and want to blow everything up for the sake of blowing everything up so they can take over once the shit hits the fan.

Judging by his Facebook, McGee seems to be one of the non-racist civil war inciters, or perhaps he's saying the "right" things for the sake of the larger goal, fucking everything up:

In a livestreamed video from Friday's protest, McGee is not carrying a weapon; he wears a gas mask, shouts obscenities at cops, and can be seen helping protesters who've been tear gassed, so that was nice of him.

In a video snippet from an earlier, now-deleted Facebook account, McGee said Bunn, the bomb maker, was "one of our boys" and showed off a storage box containing ammunition. That older page also hosted an apparently hilarious video of McGee admitting to having an illegal, unlicensed short-barreled rifle and begging his mom not to rat him out to the cops. MacNab described the poor lad getting kicked out of his parents' house after his mom called him a "fucking goddamn idiot." MacNab also notes a few days later that McGee was back on Facebook and "asking his Boog boi friends to stop threatening to kill his mom." His mother's comment? "I want him to live forever. But he's set on being a martyr."

Maybe now that he's temporarily disarmed, he'll last a little longer. But who are we kidding? These guys always seem to have backup arms caches; if McGee does have an illegal short-barreled rifle, it doesn't appear to have been among the guns seized Friday — that would certainly have resulted in him being charged, no?

[Colorado Times Recorder / JJ MacNab on Twitter, twice / Photo: Allison Sherry on Twitter]

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