Corey Lewandowski Fired From Trump PAC After Shock Allegation He Is Gross Sexual Harasser Pig


Well that was fast. Guess somebody else will have to run Donald Trump's PAC, oh wait Pam Bondi says she's ready for this grown-up responsibility:

Dang. You (allegedly reportedly!) go to one fundraiser in Vegas and get drunk and tell the married Trump donor lady next to you about the size of your junk and show her your hotel room key and continually sexually harass her and then when she tries to exercise her power to say NO you throw your drink at her and call her stupid, and suddenly you aren't allowed to run the Make America Great Again Action PAC?

Is Trump REALLY so upset by this kind of behavior?

Well, in answer to that last question, Wonkette doubts Trump actually cares about such behavior. All evidence about his life up to this point would suggest what he's mad about is that the story is in the news and thus distracting from all the very real headlines about how he definitely totally actually in reality won the 2020 election.

Also, y'all notice how they called it "Trump World" in their statement, like it's a brokedick old theme park on the side of the highway? These people are such losers, it's breathtaking.

Maggie Haberman reminds us that back in June of 2016, Trump fired Lewandowski, only to crawl directly back up his pant leg during the Republican convention. That came after the incident with the Breitbart reporter, but not directly after like it was the immediate impetus or something. As the Times explained at the time, Lewandowski "had been a lightning rod for controversy, making headlines about himself that overshadowed his boss." Can't have that.

Haberman reports, though, that Trump's aides are saying it's different this time around. We promise that we will believe that when we see it!

And that is what is going on with that gross Corey Lewandowski news. We will tell you more gross Corey Lewandowski news when we find out more gross Corey Lewandowski news. The end!

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