Corey Lewandowski Not Fired YOU ARE FIRED

Oh boy, this story just gets more and more charming.

The New York Timesis reporting that after Corey Lewandowski's big week of alleged behavior that we are sure surprised no one everyone he knows, there seems to have been a snag in the plan to fire Lewandowski from the Trump PAC he had been running along with that tragic dumbfuck former Florida attorney general Pam Bondi. That PAC is called the Make America Great Again Action PAC, or MAGA Action if you're feeling saucy.

Zee problem? Corey says he's not fired from MAGA Action.

Mr. Lewandowski has told associates he has not been removed.

There's only two board members of MAGA Action, and Corey is one of 'em. And if Corey is one of 'em and Corey says he's not fired COREY'S NOT FIRED.

So Bondi and this other dipshit you might have heard of, or at least might have heard YELLING THROUGH YOUR TELEVISION BOX AND TRAUMATIZING THE TOWNSPEOPLE AND SCHOOLCHILDREN IN THE PROCESS ...

Video screenshot

yeah that one, the one who willingly is in a relationship with Donald Trump Jr., she and Bondi have had to start a-NOTH-er Trump PAC, one that Corey is not invited to, in the backyard up in a treehouse with a sign that says ALL COREYS KEEP OUT.

This new PAC? It's called "Make America Great Again, Again!"

Nope, not kidding. It's called that. We swear to God. "MAGA, Again!" for short.

We even re-read the Times article like four times, JUST to make sure we weren't having a stroke. Which clever wizard came up with that name? Let's just say any one of the galaxy brains in this blog post is capable of that, and just leave the question there.

Tell us more, New York Times:

Whether Mr. Lewandowski is banished from the Trump orbit and its network of wealthy donors is far from certain.

Well, Wonkette has been pointing out on a regular basis that Corey never truly seems to be shut out of ...

The former president is known to bring aides he has fired back into the fold, including Mr. Lewandowski, who was removed from Mr. Trump's 2016 campaign but continued to enjoy access and influence at the White House.


Whole lotta well-oiled machines banging up against each other right now.

And that's, like, the end of the New York Times story. No more details, just "oh look, Corey says he's not fired, and now these two idiots have said fine we'll make our own PAC and it has a stupid name and you are not in it" and Corey is like "fine" and they're like "fine" and this has been yet another blog post about what appears to be Corey Lewandowski's threadbare relationship with consent.



[New York Times]

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