Coronation Feat: Ridge Has It Under Control

What with all the security build-up Wonkette operatives have been observing, you'd think we were, dunno... at war or something. NOT SO. According to DHS head Tom Ridge, "There is nothing that we've seen, not just today, but over the period of the preceding several weeks, that gives us any reason to even consider, at this point, raising the threat level." And if that's not reassuring enough, well, he has more to say: "Normally, it's an aggregation of information we receive that we conclude is credible over a period of time. But there's absolutely nothing out there that would suggest we should even think about it."

We almost feel bad reminding you that Tom Ridge has, uhm, maybe two weeks left on the job. What we're saying is, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Also: Now that the election is over, isn't not in their interest to scare us. You have to do that yourself.

As Jan. 20 Nears, Terror Warnings Drop [WP]


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