Coronation Feat: The Big Day

Address, expected to last 16 minutes, will focus "expansion of freedom." [WP, BG]

Mayor Williams: "In general, we've struck a balance too far in favor of security and not enough in favor of openness." [NYT]

Bush set for marathon of festivities. [NYT]

100,000 spectators expected, unmoved by weather or security. [WP]

Everyone eyes Jenna, Barbara. Us magazine on the prowl; they order their own drinks. [WP]

Let the parties begin. . . [WP]

Christian Conservatives have good reason to celebrate. [NYT]

During the war, Roosevelt had no parade or parties. Scholar: "For most Americans, the wars on terrorism and in Iraq have been primarily 'spectator' wars, not 'participant' wars." [WP]

Pataki to measure national support at inauguration. [NYT]


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