Coronation Feat: The Rich Are Different from You and Me

Christian group protests prohibition on crosses at Inaugural parade, swelled-head liberal lawsuit freak sues to get the Bible out of the swearing in. Aint America grand? [USNewswire, WT]

"At the Ritz-Carlton Washington, D.C., doormen will don Stetsons, rattlesnake nachos will be on the menu, and specially assigned 'boot butlers' and 'toast jockeys.'" So that's what they're calling them these days... [USAT]

The Bush Twins have their own radio spot: " It's our special Innagu... Inagrea... Innogur... Daddy Gets Sworn In Again And We Get To Go To All The Parties Show!" [The Bush Twins Party Hour]

"Why are all these corporations and people spending all that money? Hey I love a good party, but there ain’t no party like a $10,000 per ticket party. It’s a 10k dollar ass kissing." It is possible for rich people to care! [Blog Maverick]

More specifics about the ass kissing: "You can't often have long, nice conversations with members of Congress...So you entertain them and get their ear. Members aren't distracted, and they're influenced by these informal conservations.'' [Bloomberg]


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