Coronation Notes: We Still Heart Chris Matthews

It's days like today that bring out the best in Chris Matthews. And by "best" we mean, rambling, incoherent, insane brilliance. He's like Rain Man, can't help but comment on any and every thing set before him. Here's Chris on.... the White House floor: "Look at this great, great camera angle. . . Look at that shiny, shiny floor. . . " We hear they use pledge!

We think he realized that sounded kind of gay, because he followed with this Larry Summers-esque comment to Joe Scarborough: "And look at the girls. . . Don't you wish you were 21 Joe, and could hang out with them?"

Scarborough reminded Chris that he's married. That must have reminded Chris that he is also married. And how annoying that is sometimes: "You know, you're waiting in the car, you have to be somewere, and your partner for life is inside the house, doing... something."

Polishing floors, no doubt.


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