Coronavirus Not Gonna Stop Trump From Rage-Tweeting At Fox News On Easter

Easter Sunday! It happened!

It was a different kind of Easter this year, with coronavirus raging. Personally, we had a couple hand-crafted bloody marys these amazing guys in our town are delivering, and we finally watched "Tiger King." (Whole 'nother discussion for whole different post.)

Meanwhile, the president of the United States, who is Donald Trump, reportedly and supposedly watched wingnut grifter pastor Robert Jeffress doing his Easter money beg on a laptop, and then he ... whined on Twitter.

So we guess it was a pretty normal Sunday for him!

This is the tweet everybody's talking about, where he attacked his beloved Fox News for committing a wee smidge of journalism:

What appears to have happened, at least in part, is that Fox News interviewed a real doctor for a change, instead of just pressing the "on" button on Dr. Oz. That man, John Inglesby from Johns Hopkins, talked about how if Trump had gotten off his lazy ass one or two seconds earlier, fewer people would be dying of the novel coronavirus in the United States today. (There are a lot of articles about that very subject this weekend. They were talking about the big one from the New York Times.)

Inglesby said it nicer than Wonkette, of course, but he said we'd be in a "much better position," if Trump hadn't thumbfucked his ass while Rome burned:

"If we'd acted on some of those warnings earlier, we'd be in a much better position in terms of diagnostics and possibly masks and possibly personal protective equipment and getting our hospitals ready," Inglesby said.

Here is some more of Wallace talking about the Times piece on "Fox News Sunday" yesterday, and making Trump SO GRRR ANGRY:

A couple of Fox News people found time in their busy Easter schedules to say something in defense of Wallace, who, though he annoys the crap out of us sometimes, occasionally commits acts of journalism, and is therefore one of the only people on the network worth watching.

Here is Jedediah Bila, who does weekend duty on "Fox & Friends":

Bila is one of the growing number of journalists who has now diagnosed positive for coronavirus, though she reports that she is doing OK.

And very stupid Brit Hume, who has been spending the past week or so trying to start a conspiracy theory that coronavirus deaths are being inflated, because people aren't dying of coronavirus, they're dying with it, took a moment's break from his conspiracy-mongering to defend his friend the coronavirus Chris Wallace:

Mighty big of you, Brit.

As for Chris Wallace, we doubt he cares. He's previously said attacks from Trump just kinda come with the territory of journalism, which is his job. And he's specifically responded to Trump's attacks comparing him to his dad Mike Wallace, saying, "One of us has a daddy problem, and it's not me."

The rest of Trump's Sunday was, you know, a bunch more bitching on Twitter. There was this:

And there was this:

And of course, Trump retweeted some random Twitter idiot, who says it's time for him to #FireFauci, by which they meant Dr. Anthony Fauci, AKA one of the only credible and intelligent people on Trump's entire coronavirus task force:

"DeAnna Lorraine" is a wingnut dumbass who tried to run against Nancy Pelosi in the 2018 midterms, and has recently been making waves on Twitter spreading conspiracy theories that actually the hospitals are not full of coronavirus patients, they are EMPTY OF coronavirus patients, and she knows this because she took a video in the parking lot of a hospital one time.

So OF COURSE Donald Trump is retweeting her on Easter Sunday. Something something "best people."

Will Trump fire Dr. Fauci this week? Oh god, we can't even deal with that question yet.

We are just glad that this whole coronavirus pandemic isn't interfering with Donald Trump's important presidential #hardwork schedule. That would be the real tragedy.

You betcha.


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