Corporate Terror Still Sucks

TAKE THAT HUSKERS - WonketteTerrorists across the world still believe in the DIY ideal of jihad, refusing, after years of entreaties, to sell out to monied interests, and still making bombs the old-fashioned way.

While observers have predicted for some time that al-Qaeda would utilize slick new weapon production techniques, they remain steadfastly tied to crude, homemade bombs made of materials one could find around the house, or hardware store. These straight-edge warriors continue to kill and maim for only themselves, using nail polish, fertilizer, gasoline, nails, and cell phones. No major label terrorist network can persuade them to switch to stolen nuclear materials or mainstream "conventional" weapons.

"Make use of that which is available at your disposal and . . . bend it to suit your needs, (improvise) rather than waste valuable time becoming despondent over that which is not within your reach," counseled Ian MacKaye, the author of a memo recovered from an al-Qaeda laptop computer in Pakistan.

Homemade, Cheap and Dangerous [WP]


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