• Two fine young British ladies have taken it upon themselves to make a fun music video in which they spit hot rhymes about Dave Cameron, the Tory-man who is running for the position of Queen. (They also maliciously refer to Cameron as "DC," which apparently is not an insulting name to call someone in Great Britain?) [The Daily Dish]

  • Did the Pope know that Eric Massa was molesting his staffers? Probably, but the House ethics committee is going to investigate just to make sure! [The Caucus]

  • Larry King is as old as the Internet and nobody really likes him, not even his eighth wife, who is divorcing him hard. [Weekly Standard]

  • Erick Erickson woke up at 5:00 am today because he had an important question for You Democrats, namely, "If Wal-Mart steps on an IED and blows up can we blame you, the commie liberals?" This is a time sensitive question, so please respond to Erick Erickson as soon as possible. [RedState]

  • Matt Taibbi is currently hiding in a cave with Osama bin Laden, and right now they are both watching funny YouTube clips of the NFL draft and Roombas attacking dogs. Matt is scheduled to come out of hiding on Sunday. Quick Goldman Sachs, this is your chance to escape! [Matt Taibbi: True/Slant]


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