Corrupt Texas Rep. Temporarily Replaced by Crazy Texas Rep.

gibbsbush.jpgShelley Sekula-Gibbs, pretend Congresswoman, will only serve for about ten days worth of actual House sessions. She won a special election to take over Tom DeLay's seat, then lost the real election to terrorist Nick Lampson. DeLay's loyal, trained, professional staffers pledged to continue doing the real work of the office while "Rep." Sekula-Gibbs kept the seat warm.

Then, they all quit en masse. Why'd they all quit? 'Cause bitch crazy.

Sekula-Gibbs is convinced that she'll manage to pass actual legislation during her bullshit lame duck term. And whatever melt-down she had after the President failed to show up to her open-house caused the entire staff to walk out at once, led by CoS David James. The details are scarce, but fascinating.

She showed up to take over DeLay's old office on Thursday and, according to sources familiar the office dynamics, was "mean" to the staff.

So, disgruntled staffers, we ask you -- you've all already snagged your cushy lobbying gigs, you've got no bridges to burn. Just what did Shelley do?

Uprising by Ed-DeLay Staff [Roll Call]


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