Corruption Scandal Rocks Obama Cabinet, And You Won't Believe What Hillary Said About It

No, we don't get it any more than we get this cartoon

Smooth Latin lover Julián Castro, the secretary of Housing and Urban Development and potential Hillary Clinton running mate, is in BIG TROUBLE for allegedly violating the rules against partisan campaigning by federal officials.

Castro praised Clinton and criticized Donald Trump during an interview with Katie Couric for Yahoo! News. The U.S. Office of Special Counsel said that was a no-no because Castro was acting in his official capacity, even though he used the magic words to transform from Cabinet secretary to ordinary fella with an opinion.

“Taking off my HUD hat for a second and just speaking individually, it’s very clear that Hillary Clinton is the most experienced, most thoughtful and most prepared candidate for president we have this year,” Mr. Castro said in the interview. He added Mr. Trump has shown “he’s just not prepared for the office” and that the Republican presidential contender “clearly does not even get the basic functions of our government.”

Apparently, "I take off my robe and HUD hat" is not sufficient space to avoid violating the federal Hatch Act, also known as An Act To Prevent Pernicious Political Activity. The Hatch Act dates from the late 1930s, and is a swell piece of law meant to keep government bosses from perniciously making their employees support campaigns.

We think OSC is being awfully tough about this instance, I mean Katie Couric can gotcha ANYONE. But the worst that's likely to happen to Castro is that Obama will yell at him. He's probably been yelled at before. Oh, and Hillary probably won't make him her VP pick, which we doubt was going to happen anyway, because he's a twin, and how would you ever know which one was actually the vice president?

Joaquin is the one with the tie, OR IS HE?

Oh, also, regarding the title of this post, we don't think Hillary Clinton has said anything about it. WHEN WILL HER TYRANNY END?

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