Could This Be Our Big '06 Media Scandal? Please?

We have it on completely unknown and very possibly unreliable authority that another cash-for-opinions story is brewing. This one may involve actual newspaper op-ed real estate purchased by PR firms on behalf of scandal-ridden corporations and others. According to our (over-dramatic) source: "the story also reportedly touches on PR firm involvement in highly questionable money-for-advocacy schemes with non-profits that could have IRS or DOJ implications." And (allegedly etc.) at least one paper has it, but won't run it due to interference from lawyers representing the PR firm. We haven't bothered to call anyone to check on the veracity of all this, so it would be irresponsible of us to namenames.

Still -- if you work for one of those names we didn't name, feel free to drop us a line and refute or verify any or all of this. We love a good media ethics crisis.


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