Could Two-Time Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Finally Receive Tiny Bit Of Justice He Deserves?

Could Two-Time Killer Kyle Rittenhouse Finally Receive Tiny Bit Of Justice He Deserves?

When we last left two-time killer Kyle Rittenhouse, he was ready to SUE everyone with a bank account who’d called him a murderer because he’d fatally shot two people with zero remorse. He'd also permanently injured a third person, who’s still alive and just as capable of filing lawsuits.

Law & Crime reported last week that Gaige Grosskreutz has added Rittenhouse to his civil lawsuit against the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, and local officials. Although Rittenhouse was acquitted in his civil trail, where he claimed self-defense, Grosskreutz argues in his complaint that he'd tried to end "Rittenhouse’s homicidal rampage" when Rittenhouse shot him in the arm.


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Grosskreutz admitted on the stand that he was carrying a gun that fateful night in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and that he pointed it at Rittenhouse, who'd just killed someone with his much larger gun. Rittenhouse's defenders insist this justified his self-defense claim because whoever shoots first wins. The Second Amendment is awesome!

According to the complaint, Grosskreutz had just witnessed Rittenhouse fire on three other people — one of whom had tried to kick the gun out of Rittenhouse’s hands before fleeing when Rittenhouse started shooting at him. Grosskreutz slowly approached Rittenhouse “with his hands in the air to try to ease the situation and stop the killing.”

"I was never trying to kill the defendant," Grosskreutz, a trained paramedic, testified at Rittenhouse's trial. "That was never something I was trying to do. In that moment, I was trying to preserve my own life. But doing so, also, taking the life of another is not something I am capable or comfortable of doing. It goes against almost a lifelong ethical code in regards to medicine."

The rare "good guys with guns" are more likely to hesitate before shooting, unlike your common psychopathic "bad guy with a gun." Rittenhouse didn't surrender his weapon, as Grosskreutz had perhaps hoped. Instead, Rittenhouse — believing Grosskreutz was going to kill him like he'd killed others — shot Grosskreutz in the bicep, "leaving a gaping wound."

No one should've been out on the streets that night with guns, but Rittenhouse didn't even live in Kenosha. He crossed state lines as a minor to "defend" private property from looters and, of course, made everything demonstrably worse.

Grosskreutz’s allegations against Rittenhouse include assault, battery, and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The lawsuit also adds Rittenhouse to Grosskreutz’s civil rights and Equal Protection claims against the city and local officials.

“Defendants’ conduct was motivated by racial animus and constituted purposeful discrimination, and it also affected Grosskreutz and the racially diverse group of protestors in a grossly disproportionate manner as compared to similarly situated White individuals,” the complaint says. “Specifically, working in concert with these others, Defendants targeted individuals of color and individuals allied with them in protest against racial discrimination, including Grosskreutz, by creating a dangerous environment in which injury to Grosskreutz and others was highly likely.”

Grosskreutz links Rittenhouse to rightwing extremist groups, and Rittenhouse hasn't helped his case by refusing to just ... go away. He's become a far-right cause célèbre. OJ Simpson, another American hero in his own mind, could tell Rittenhouse that civil suits have different standards than a criminal trial. Grosskreutz isn't required to prove "beyond a reasonable doubt" that Rittenhouse is a racist scumbag killer. He just needs a "preponderance of the evidence."

That doesn't seem hard. Whenever Rittenhouse opens his mouth, an angel defense attorney loses their wings. Just last week, Rittenhouse told Donald Trump Jr. that he was "up against these George Soros-funded prosecutors" at his first trial.

You don't really need antisemitic conspiracy theories to explain why prosecutors would try to convict someone who publicly killed people. That's sort of their job.

Meanwhile, Grosskreutz says he “is currently unaware of Mr. Rittenhouse’s current whereabouts and is concerned that Mr. Rittenhouse is attempting to evade service." He's seeking a 60-day extension to serve Rittenhouse. You can't shoot a lawsuit to death, so Rittenhouse has no choice but to run like the coward he is.

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