Couldn't They Get the Meter Maids To the Polls?

The Nation's blog (called, irritatingly, "The Notion") has a charming little piece about the Italian Elections, a fitting political obituary for Silvio Berlusconi:

Last week Berlusconi announced to supporters at a rally in Naples: "we will win because we are not coglioni," using a vulgar term literally meaning "testicles" to paint the opposition as "assholes." The next day, T-shirts were seen on the streets of Rome reading Io Sono un Coglione: "I am an asshole."

Ha ha, those Italians (one operative wonders: how many of those shirts do you think Antonin Scalia has in his closet?) -- so earthy!

Still, though, exciting news... oh, sorry, what's that, Associated Press?


Oh, well. Speaking from experience, we're sure that'll work itself out just fine.

Berlusconi Backfires [The Nation]

Exit Polls Show Italian Election Is Too Close to Call


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