Counter Clinton Library Privileges Revoked

Houston businessman Richard Erickson announced that he's scrapping his plans to erect two Little Rock museums to set the record straight on the Clinton Presidential Library--particularly how it's funneling Saudi and Chinese political donations into the coffers for Hillary's '08 presidential run. Because we all remember, of course, the library-backed presidential juggernauts of past campaigns: How Johnson trounced Goldwater with little more than the massed intellectual might of the UT-Austin Reserve Reading collection; and how James Blaine feverishly researched the paternity of Grover Cleveland's illegitimate child at the Salt Lake City geneaological archives. And you think it was a mere coincidence that Oswald fired on JFK from a book depository? You poor naive puppets. . .

Houston Man Folds Counter Clinton Library Plan [Houston Chronicle]

Counter Clinton Library


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