Country Music, Anal Sex, GOP Fund-raising and Dancing With the Stars

A happier threesome from happier times - WonketteBecause nothing is more important to Americans than the nexus of politics and "Dancing With the Stars," we are pleased to report that Sara Evans -- apparently a Nashville pop singer and champion dancer -- has left the hit show because her husband is one of those sex creeps on CraigsList.

Failed Republican congressional candidate and GOP fund-raiser Craig Schelske is also accused of abusing his wife and making his young children watch pornography. According to Evans' complaint, there are more than a hundred pictures stored on the family computer of Schelske screwing myriad women as well as parading around his house naked and "aroused." According to his CraigsList ads, Schelske is particularly interested in having anal sex with strangers and threesomes.

More filth after the jump.

A one-time "Republican BABE of the Week!" and national-anthem singer at various GOP conventions, Evans is apparently very popular with red-state voters. That she appeared to have a happy family was exploited by the party's family values wing.

And the way you have a happy marriage in the Christian world is to submit to yer husband:

"It's most important to keep marriage and family together. I am a child of divorce, and it's devastating. I have a 12-year marriage. And the way I see it, the way to an amazing marriage is having sex ... lots of sex. Sex keeps the marriage young. And a woman should maintain herself for her husband and stay attractive. I like to put the kids to bed, have a glass of wine on the patio or by the fireplace, and I ask Craig, 'What do you need of me?'"
That didn't work out so well.

What you're probably thinking right now is, "How was Tom DeLay involved?"

DeLay was campaigning for Evans!

[He]e "is using his post-congressional clout to influence another election -- the viewer voting on ABC's 'Dancing With the Stars 3,'" which features 11 celebrities and 11 actual dancers, and which had its season premiere earlier this week.

DeLay recently "sent out a mass mailing asking his friends to vote for Sara Evans because she "represents good American values."

After Tucker Carlson's heartbreaking ejection from the hit TV show, Evans was the GOP's only chance to defeat all the Democrat dancers. DeLay was especially concerned about the buffoon Jerry Springer, who is apparently "ultra liberal."

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