Covered, Kissed, Dead

  • Former Attorney General John Ashcroft will pay a visit to his old pals on the House Judiciary Committee and lie about how his firm won a no-bid contract. It will be a beautiful and heartfelt reunion. [New York Times]
  • A lapse in the wiretapping law leaves phone companies wondering who will cover their asses now. [New York Times]
  • From flushing toilets to too-short ropes, the mortgage crisis and prospective bailout has spawned a number of bad metaphors. And the Bush Administration is confident that helping anyone will ultimately hurt everyone, so best to help no one so that everyone wins. [Washington Post]
  • Style columnist Tom Shales, clearly stung by recent suggestions that the press has been too soft on Barack Obama, retaliates by openly lavishing praise on Obama's latest debate performance. [Washington Post]
  • Robert Byrd, who has served in the Senate since the end of the American Civil War, has been admitted to Walter Reed hospital for "observation". They want to make sure he's still alive. [The Hill]
  • Barry Obama's coattails will be longer than Hillary's because girls don't wear coats, obviously. [Politico]
  • John Boehner gives his fellow Republicans a stern talking-to about fundraising, and acknowledges their "asses" are "dead." [Politico]
  • John McCain is ... winning? [Los Angeles Times]
  • Well, well well. Look what party suddenly thinks Mexicans are so important again. [Washington Times]

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