Covering the Kerry Scandal: Tips

Are you an editor at a respectable news source and wondering how you'll justify covering the breaking Kerry sex scandal in its every lascivious detail? Here's a hint: You can do an easy search and replace in Microsoft Word by hitting "CONTROL + H" (on Macs, that's "COMMAND + SHIFT + H"). So dust off those old "Don't blame us, it's all Drudge's fault" editorials (and maybe the high-minded ones about the perils of the 24-hour news cycle, too):

Bill Clinton --> John Kerry

Monica Lewinsky --> a woman who recently fled the country

Perils of 24-hour news cycle --> Growing role of blogs in distributing news

Luckily, "Drudge Report" stays the same.

You'll save valuable time -- time you can now spend hunting down a sample of Kerry's jizz.


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