Covidiot Bar Owner Runs Over Cop. Surely The Blue Lives Matter People Will Be Outraged!

Earlier this week, Danny Presti, co-owner of a bar in Staten Island, was being hailed as a hero by the likes of Sebastian Gorka, the gang over at "Fox & Friends," Tucker Carlson and probably every person who ever uttered the phrase “Well, that's what happens when you don't obey the police and the rule of law" after an unarmed Black person was murdered by a cop, for refusing to shut down his bar — located in a COVID hotspot — despite having been arrested and facing large fines.

Tucker Carlson even claimed on his show that the only reason Presti's bar, Mac's Public House, was not allowed to open was because it was in a predominantly Republican area, noting that other restaurants just a few blocks from the bar were allowed to be open.

It should not shock you that this is not really how anything works! For instance, right now I am living in a liberal area of New York that is in an orange zone — meaning that many bars, restaurants, salons, gyms, etc. can't be open to the public. And yes, just down the road, it's a yellow zone where things can be open — and that just happens to be a very Republican area of the county. Things aren't divvied up based on political persuasions, but rather an area's positivity rate. And while it does seem arbitrary that places that are right next door to each other could each be in a different zone, lines have to be drawn somewhere.

Presti and the protests he inspired were also the subject of a Pete Davidson bit on Saturday Night Live last night.

Weekend Update: Pete Davidson on Staten Island COVID-19 Protests -

Oh! But before I go on a tangent — this guy, this Fox News hero right here was just arrested again. Not for defying COVID-19 restrictions, but for running over a deputy police officer in his car.

Via Time:

Danny Presti fled from his bar, Mac's Public House, after deputies observed patrons entering the establishment Saturday night in violation of city and state closure orders, Sheriff Joseph Fucito said.

Deputies attempted to arrest Presti as he left the bar early Sunday, but Presti got into his car, struck a deputy and kept driving for about 100 yards even as the deputy was left hanging onto the hood, Fucito said.

Presti, 34, was eventually stopped and apprehended, the sheriff said. Charges against him were pending.

The injured deputy was taken to a hospital for treatment of injuries. The deputy's condition wasn't immediately available.

Hey! You know who never ran a cop over with their car? Any of the Black Lives Matter or antifascist activists that Tucker Carlson spent his whole summer crying about!

I mean, can you just imagine the gasket the right would blow if the tables were turned? I can, because I have covered many such busted gaskets over the years. These people lose their fucking shit over antifa activists throwing milkshakes at Nazis, they clutch their pearls over how frightened they are by the "violent left" that really only exists in their imaginations. They sob over how mean and unfair we are to police officers, calling for their departments to be defunded just 'cause they won't stop killing people.

And then this guy, their big hero, a guy who is keeping his business open despite the fact that doing so could literally kill people, who is not wearing a mask while doing so for whatever other stupid reason — he goes and literally runs over a cop with his car. Not only does he hit the cop, but he drives 100 yards with the cop still on his car.

I almost wish we could pull off the same histrionics the Right pulls over far less serious assaults. Like if we could go full oh the humanity of it all, on this, Andy Ngo style, that would just be great. I don't think I could pull it off, but maybe some of the "Not All Cops" moderates could. And hey! That would actually be a lot more helpful than tsk-tsking the Left for "going too far," re: Fuck The Police.

In the meantime, we can all stand by and wait for the Fox News crowd to decry Presti's actions, dig up every bad thing he ever did in his life, and talk about the valiant career of the cop he ran over.

Anyway! This is now your open thread!


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