Covidiot Doctor Loses License After Bragging About Not Wearing A Mask ... Ever

Covidiot Doctor Loses License After Bragging About Not Wearing A Mask ... Ever

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There are a lot of things you never really want to hear from a doctor. Any kind of bad news, obviously. Romantic overtures, particularly from a gynecologist, would be pretty upsetting. And definitely, definitely anything that makes you feel like they are not especially sanitary. Like, you want to know that even though they are wearing gloves, your doctor is washing their hands a whole lot. You don't want to see dirt under their fingernails. You don't want to see mousetraps everywhere or a half-eaten cheeseburger on the counter. And during a pandemic, you definitely want them to be wearing a mask.

Dr. Steven LaTulippe thought he was a real big shot when he was asked to give a speech at a "Stop The Steal" rally earlier this month in Salem, Oregon. Speaking to a rapt crowd of three ladies who may or may not have been vampire hunters, LaTulippe boasted that not only did he not wear a mask in general, but that neither he nor any of his staff wear one in his actual clinic.

Oregon's Stop the Steal peaceful protest 11/7/

"I petition all of you, take off the mask of shame!" he cried.

LaTulippe also claimed to have treated about 80 COVID patients, but said he hadn't seen one since February. He also, wrongly, equated COVID-19 to the common cold, which definitely does not kill nearly as many people.

While he certainly made a splash among those who already agreed with him at a rally full of people who think the election was rigged, his stance on mask wearing did not impress the state medical board, which has since revoked his license.

Via KGW8:

Members of the medical board voted Thursday evening to suspend LaTulippe's license immediately. According to a statement on the Oregon Medical Board website, the suspension was issued "due to the board's concern for the safety and welfare of licensee's current and future patients."

The indefinite suspension prevents LaTulippe from practicing medicine anywhere in the state. LaTuilippe ran a family practice clinic called South View Medical Arts in Dallas, Ore.

This is probably for the best and, frankly, it probably shouldn't be reinstated, ever. It is also proof that being a doctor does not exclude someone from being an idiot.

Coincidentally, just last week, Ashley Grames — a nurse in Salem, Oregon — was suspended from her job at Salem Hospital after bragging on TikTok about how she is extremely unsanitary. Salem Hospital has also distanced itself from LaTuilippe:

"Dr. LaTulippe is not employed by Salem Hospital nor does he provide care at any Salem Health hospital or clinic location," a Salem Health spokesperson said in a statement. "He is listed on a Salem Health community provider website as a courtesy extended to all physicians in our service area regardless of their employment affiliation."

Still. I'm gonna say it seems like a really bad time to get any medical care in Salem, Oregon, and if you live there, you should probably Google your doctor to make sure they're not out at wacky Trump rallies or on TikTok bragging on how they don't wear a mask and love to blow their nose on their sleeve.


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