Covidiots To Celebrate Massive Spike In Coronavirus Cases With 'No Mask Day' Today

Covidiots To Celebrate Massive Spike In Coronavirus Cases With 'No Mask Day' Today

Yesterday, there were 33,539 new documented cases of COVID-19, most of them coming from the South and California. It was the largest daily number of cases since May 1st.

So, naturally, morons across the country are celebrating "No Mask Day" and asking people not only to go out without a mask, but for all stores, cities and towns to end their mask orders so that Republicans can spread the virus to their heart's content. For some reason they are all super jazzed to contract the virus, perhaps in hopes of getting to try that exciting hydroxycholorquine stuff?

While this appears to have started with a Connecticut-based group called CT Liberty Rally, there are scheduled events all over the country. Except for Tulsa, Oklahoma, as all of the non-mask wearers there will be attending the Trump rally today.

There have been crowds of people, coming from all over the country, waiting in line for days to go to the Trump Rally in Tulsa, and pretty much none of them are wearing masks. The odds of someone there having it are pretty strong, meaning that these people will likely become a bunch of Typhoid Marys, bringing their germs back home with them when it's over. That is why the rest of us need to run screaming from anyone we see not wearing a mask, because they are exactly the kind of people who would be interacting with the kind of people who would go to a Trump rally at this time.

Obviously we all need to keep wearing masks until it is very safe to not wear them anymore, which won't be for a while. Better to have to wear them now than to drag this out forever, which is what some states appear to be doing.

Definitely don't be like this lady, Healthy American Peggy Hall, who thinks she can take down Big Mask by refusing to talk to anyone wearing a "demonic device," which is what she calls masks, and then everyone will be so sad that they don't get to interact with her that they will also stop wearing their masks.

Or actually, yeah, if you don't want to wear a mask, you probably should avoid talking to people, so you don't get your coronaspit all over them.


Did she actually go into the hair salon and ask for the "Can I Speak To The Manager" special?

With people like this out there, it's going to be a while. So stay safe, wear a mask and slather yourself in anti-bacterial spray.


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