CPAC Nothing But Furries

CPAC Nothing But Furries

Our correspondent Garrett Quinn continues to prowl CPAC looking for furries -- which is not so difficult, as they're EVERYWHERE you look at CPAC. But what else is going on at America's Favorite Comedy Convention?

Again, we will just post Quinn's email, because it makes us laugh:

I am posting all my pics HERE

I tried to talk with one of the Youth for Western Civilization kids but he started yelling some crazy shit about too many Mexicans and dey took our jerrrrrbs.

There is a guy here with a booth for mutual funds. I don't think he has noticed that all the cool kids are buying gold and tons of guns.

I had to listen to some old turd crow about how great Ann Coulter was last night, while I'm working on my blog. He's shouting this Ann Coulter column at me and laughing the entire time. Ann Coulter was never funny or remotely attractive. She has the neck of an ostrich.

Campaign for Liberty has a cool dart-throwing game where you Pop the Fed! Don't end the Fed, POP IT!

As a libertarian I find the phrase "Sarah Palin is very libertarian" extremely revolting.

The NRA Has an awesome shooting game. I attached this awkward and creepy photo of a kid with a trenchcoat in front of the NRA booth. That fat useless fuck Michael Moore was right! Take the skinheads bowling, etc.

I've kinda blown of some of CPAC today to hang out with the Reasonoids. I'll be back for Grand Poohbah Dr. Ron Paul's speech at 4 PM. Be there or be a reptilian shapeshifter.


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