CPAC To Morph Into Deadly Night Prowler, XPAC: XTREME CPAC

CPAC To Morph Into Deadly Night Prowler, XPAC: XTREME CPAC

CPAC STARTS IN TWO DAYS THANK GOD. It is the most blessed time of February, when the CPAC comes to town to get the folks all hot and bothered about blacks and browns and John McCain. Last year they invented teabagging! Furries were everywhere, and then they all went and fucked each other at night with rosary whips and chili powder. This year's evening entertainment will be the exact same thing, but with enhanced organization. They're introducing XPAC, the XTREME conservative cumslapping foam death party. Can you handle it, grandpa?

Here is one of the event info things on the XPAC website; namely, the one at the top of the page, where you don't have to scroll down:

Both Thursday and Friday evenings this week, if you’re attending CPAC, or are in the Washington DC, Virginia, Maryland, or Delaware areas, you are invited to enjoy “Epic Nites.”

On Thursday night, Stephen Baldwin will conduct an insightful conversation between Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros and Sarah Huckabee over the future of the GOP, the ideas of conservatism, women in politics, and the outlook for the nation. The “10 questions with Stevie B” is something worth making room in your schedule for. Gov. Mike Huckabee will be making a special appearance, and several additional surprises also await.


[XPAC via Gawker]


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