Crack... and to the Left. Crack... and to the Left.

colbertfox.jpgOften the question is asked: Why haven't we blogged about Rep. Robert Wexler's cocaine-lovin' appearance on "The Colbert Report"? To be honest, the pickings were too easy. It's not really "news" when Colbert embarrasses a congressman anymore, and our attempt to get comment from local Republicans fell flat. But thank God for Fox News' resident celebrity impersonator Brian Wilson. "Liberal Viewer" has posted a YouTube video comparing the edit of Colbert-Wexler that Wilson ran and the actual footage from Colbert's show. Fox clipped several seconds of Wexler laughing along and being coached, and cut right to Wexler saying he enjoyed cocaine. Surprise: This made Wexler come off more craven and out of touch than he actually was.

Since we're late on the draw, here's another worthy link - the Cato Institute's Radley Balko wonders when Congress will finally regulate Colbert and end his Swiftian freedom-hatred.

Fox News Takes Jokey Quotes Out of Context: You Decide [Comedy Central]

Expect Congressional Hearings Soon [The Agitator]

-- David Weigel


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