Craigslist: Showing His Before You Show Yours

ImpressiveThe Craigslist hook-ups continue, this time with pictures. Picture. Worth at least a thousand words or perhaps three: "like a horse." We're a day late with this one but somehow we think Mr. Stamina here might be willing to go out two nights in a row...


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Date: 2005-01-03, 4:51PM EST

I'm looking for a sexual encounter. I'm not looking to know your name (but it would be nice to moan or say something when we're in bed together), don't care if you someone in your life. I don't want a friend or relationship, I just want something wild and sexual in the bedroom.

I'm 27 years old, 6'4", black hair and brown eyes, lots of stamina, nicely hung, great kisser and so much more you have to experience for yourself. I'm great in bed. I pay close attention to a woman and her needs and wants. I love seeing a woman beg and plead, moan and groan. I would love to please you and this is a promise. I have a great cock for you ride.

All in all, well said. And who gives grammar quizzes while riding a great cock? (Though anyone who can correctly navigate the that/which distinction would really turn us on.)

ANONYMOUS - TONIGHT OR AFTER WORK!!!!! - m4w - 27 [Craigslist]


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