Crashing Team Party Crash: Original Wonkette Speaks

amcarianna.jpgOriginal Wonkette, Ana Marie Cox, sent us this meta-report (including a super top-secret look at the notes passed at the Cool Kids Table -- had Sir Evans noticed, he surely would've demanded they read them before the entire class) after finding our own party crash report alarmingly assfucking-free:

How can you get through a whole post about "The Week Opinion Awards" and not marvel at how close it comes to being Wonkette Prom? Something about opinions, assholes, and everybody having one suggests an event far more appropriate to Wonkette than any WH correspondents' dinner. Sullivan was there, after all.

To your delicious write-up I can only add personal favorite sightings (the 'SPAN's Steve Scully! Isikoff! THE MACKER!) and my hearty endorsement of Sen. Dodd's proposal for something called a "shield law," which has nothing to do with adult undergarments though the good senator's speech lasted long enough that I'm sure some in the audience needed them. At our table, furtive notes were scribbled on backs of menus: "I didn't know this was a filibuster" -- Chris Lehmann (CQ editor, better half). "I've got the 60 [votes]!" -- Rick Davis (McCain adviser, total sweetheart). Oh, Senate majority humor. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Also: I think they'll probably have Katie stand.

Ah, Wonkette Prom... we'll never forget the night we slow danced with Margaret Carlson. We heard Isikoff and Tony Blankley totally went all the way in the parking lot.

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