Crazed Teevee News Squirrel Jim Cramer Predicts Insane Obama Landslide, May Be On Many Pills


So this is the time in the election cycle when all the variously well-compensated pundits start actually making concrete predictions about how elections will go, for fun. Most, despite having spent the last several months explaining that nobody could possibly know the outcome of this extremely volatile election, come up with reasonable numbers that track suspiciously closely to one another. But some take their own path! And one of those people is Jim Cramer, whom you may know as "the guy whose show is supposedly about investing but seems to be mostly a manic bald man barking nonsense and pressing noise-buttons." Cramer thinks Obama's going to win. Like, really going to win. Win all the states. Does he know something we don't?

Cramer's predictions were slotted without comment in the Washington Post's little Crystal Ball contest. One of these things is not ... like the others?

How will Obama get to 440 electoral votes? Sadly, but predictably, these pundits don't have to back up their predictions with even the most rudimentary of math, but National Journal's Jim Tankersley offers one possibility:

So, sleep easily tonight, anxious liberal weenies! Jim Cramer, who probably loves Ron Paul and is ruining America, and who is in the grips of some kind of wonderful mania at all times, predicts an Obama landslide of epic proportions. [WP via BI]


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