Craziest Baldwin Endorses Dumbest Republican

He's with Brownback! - WonketteAmerica, get ready for eight glorious, god-fearing years of the Sam Brownback Presidency. It's a done deal now that he's netted this crucial endorsement:

ABC News' Julia Bain reports: Actor Stephen Baldwin tells ABC News that he is ready to endorse Sam Brownback's presidential bid, following the Kansas senator's speech at the Iowa Straw Poll Saturday. Baldwin said that after listening to all the speeches and doing "his homework" he decided to throw his support to Brownback.

Baldwin, who says that his vote is "spiritually motivated," told ABC, "I think what America needs more than anything is a leader who's honest, who's truly a man of faith, and who allows that faith to make his decisions with his common good sense; and I think that's Sam Brownback."

Now that the most beloved member of America's favorite showbiz family has thrown his weight behind Sam "Wilberforce" Brownback, savior of stem cells, foe of homosexualists, and the only man who can challenge Tim Johnson's Senate absentee record, the rest of the GOP losers oughtta pack up and go home.

Actor Stephen Baldwin to Endorse Brownback [ABC]


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